When the COVID-19 crisis started, I began to pray and think of a way we could continue to serve our community even though we were technically closed. Then, I discovered we were actually deemed as “essential” because of what we do.

We decided to serve hot meals on Friday evenings. This came after many talks with people, parents of this community, trying to figure out how we could make a difference. Depending on the week, we have served as many as 525 dinners. In fact, the least amount we have served was 225 meals.

In addition to the meals, each drive-thru family is also offered a week's worth of groceries, in partnership with Halifax Urban Ministries. Our incredible volunteers come from many different churches, members of the community, and often from people receiving the meal.

We have established a special bond with the families and individuals have come through each week. We now get the privilege to not only serve food but pray with them in their cars, perhaps even cry with them sometimes. To God be the glory for it all.